Always have something new to wear

Get 3 garments and 2 accessories delivered to your door — unlimited times each month. Wear everything. Send it back. Receive your next set of options days later! Only $59/month.


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How it Works


We'll recommend 3 garments and 2 accessories and you can pick exactly what you want before your tote ships.


You can wear everything in your tote for as long as you want. No purchases required, no strings attached.

Return, Repeat

When you're ready for your next tote, send your items back and we'll start styling your next one.

The Perks

Simplify Your Life

With five new items in every tote, getting dressed will be a breeze. We do all the laundry and shipping is always free. Ah, closet zen.

Get Exactly What You Want

Pick out what you want to receive before your tote ships. We'll always send our recommendations but you can change out anything you don't want in advance.

Discover New Brands and Styles

With hundreds of brands and fresh styles arriving every week, you'll love exploring new looks.

Wear Everything No Strings Attached

Le Tote lets you wear everything in your tote for as long as you want. There's no catch.

Refresh Your Style for $59 a Month

Each tote contains $350+ in value and most members receive two totes a month. That's ten pieces for less than your monthly latte habit!

Wear the Brands and Styles You've Always Wanted to Try

Always Have Something New To Wear

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